Specialty Blankit


The best way to hire and maintain exceptional employees, is to offer them the most comprehensive benefit packages. We have a team of experts ready to assist you to determine the best, most cost effective way to stand out from your competition!


Looking to protect your loved ones? We have solutions that will fit your budget during those crucial times like your kids attending college or away on business for long periods. Let us go over the benefits with you.


Need a policy that will protect you in case you cross over the next dimension a little too soon? Our insurance experts are trained to delicately discuss options that will address your needs and concerns of your loved ones.


No, this is not insurance for superheros, but we do think of all of our clients as one. Most of us require flexibility these days and that is exactly what we want to provide for our clients. Flexibility in their policy to adapt to their lives and respond when it is most needed. With a Universal Life Policy, you can easily change the look just as a certain Clark Kent does…


Most people understand the value of being protected in case you exit stage left premature, however what happens when your encore lasts beyond your expectation. You want to be able to enjoy your remaining time, not struggle in the end. With many different types of annuities, these are great ways to protect yourself and secure a stream of income for the future.


Individual health plans don’t have to be too expensive. Talk to a professional about how to find affordable health care options that don’t compromise the care given.


One of the many challenges faced by professionals and business owners is an event or accident that causes them to miss work. When you rely on a special skill or yourself to earn a living, accidents can become debilitating and can create large holes sometimes too large to climb out of but with the help of one of our highly specialized experts, this will no longer be a concern in the unlikely event an accident were to occur.

How Much Does Disability Insurance Cost?

Disability insurance policies can vary greatly based on a number of factors including gender, age, medical specialty, the state where you are located, personal health history and the type of policy and riders you decide to purchase. Typically, you should expect to spend 1-2% of your annual income on a disability insurance policy.


Businesses take on their own “lives” so to speak, and as such often times will need to be protected as to avoid financial death or bankruptcy. If your partner is unable to produce in your partnership, how will the business continue paying its operating costs? What if the sole proprietor dies or becomes incapacitated? How do you ensure your loved ones will still benefit from your life’s work? We can discuss legacy planning for your business today, so your loved ones will enjoy a better tomorrow! Let us Blankit your business today!