Specialty Blankit


Need a professional bond to get your company started? Worried about dealing with a lot of cash or monetary transactions? FRO Bonds? Associations deal with money and often times volunteer individuals which can sometimes lead to devious decisions. Make sure your contracts are protected and your money is replaced.


In a league or starting a team but need to have protection in the event of serious injury? We have the perfect policy to fit your favorite pastime, even if it’s just bragging rights at stake.


Want to protect your masterpiece? We have policies that will cover your very own created content, whether it’s a song, a movie, a work of art, a new patent for a product, or just a really cool design.


Ah hoy matey! Deep sea fishing, yachting in the mediterranean, or simply sailing with the wind, our specialists are trained to handle the murkiest waters and toughest swells in the nautical world. Contact our team to help you stay afloat. No saltiness here.


Traditional amusement events consists of rides, games, and the unhealthiest food known to man. Although this landscape has adapted to races, shows, trade markets and the like, the ability to protect the host of these events has not changed. While it seems like fun and games to the public, operators know how challenging it can be to account for every possible scenario, that’s why they call us! With a trusted partner on your side, you can worry about having fun and less about what happens in the event of an emergency.


Drones are quickly becoming one of the fastest growing crazes since the production of the plane. As laws continue to adapt and change, so do the exposures that are involved with owning and operating the flying machines. Make sure you have the latest coverages to be sure your hobby or business doesn’t crash and burn. Don’t let your risks fly out of control. We also provide coverage for “the plane boss, the plane!”


Golf tournaments are a great way to gain recognition for a cause or organization and often times have prizes involved. Find out how you can purchase hole-in-one insurance for that fantastic prize on the front or back 9 (just in case Jack Nicklaus shows up for a quick round)